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I did a Shamanic healing session with Sommer and it’s hard to really put into words all the downloads and information I had received at the same time as I was clearing and healing all the energy that I had been carrying physically in my body which was not serving me anymore. It was a beautiful dance between her guidance and my surrender to my own healing, the release of stagnant energies and opening to receive what I needed at this moment of my journey.

After her session I felt like I was a new person. I let go and forgave myself and others this life time and past lifetimes, which opened my body to receive light and information I needed to support me in my purpose and calling of my soul.

Sommer is a beautiful light in this world and I would recommend anyone who is looking for some guidance into deeper levels of inner standing themselves to work with her. She is a powerful guide for those who are ready to face themselves, heal while simultaneously know that they are whole and complete, surrender, and trust the process.

Anya Keefe


I want to prefix my heart felt review with the following. . I’ve had 20 years of different treatments from practitioners in many states in the U.S, India, Bali, Cambodia. and Vietnam. My shamanic healing & Illumination session with Sommer on Monday was by far the most powerful experience ever. Sommer gave me all the time and information that was needed to determine the healing that I would benefit from the most. She is very kind, wise, and asks questions in the kindest possible manor. She discovered and treated something that I was harboring emotionally from 37 years ago that resulted in a physical knot inside my body which was connected to recent injury. My injury is completely healed!! This was only one of the mind-blowing things that happened. I left the session feeling energetically delighted.

I give Sommer my highest possible recommendation.

Karin Munsky 

JoAnne Verry 

Sommer’s Qigong & Breath Work classes are incredible to say the least. I’ve been able to connect with body, mind and soul at such a deeper level with the tools & techniques I’ve learned, and they’ve been easy to apply. Sommers teaching style is so informative, and she encourages you to be curious, inquisitive and gentle with yourself while learning. Sommer has an innate way of reading the group so that individual as well as group dynamic adds to the learning of all of the attendees. The results have been amazing. Increased clarity, ability to read messages from my body. The use of breath work to release stress from mind and body on the spot, better sleep, ability to recognize & move stuck energy at a much quicker pace than previously and best of all an overall sense of peace and balance from within. Each time I spend with Sommer I gain more in-depth knowledge to add to my mind / body and spiritual toolboxes.
Highly recommend all of Sommers teachings.

            Christina Marie Sutton

  Sommer Leigh is truly amazing!


  I've taken her breathwork class, Reiki   certification class and her moon   ceremony.


  She is a walking an authentic path         therefore is an authentic guide.


  Everything she teaches she lives. I'm so      glad to have found her!"

Denise Balanos

I have received work and training from Sommer over the course of two years or so. It has been powerfully impactful in developing my intuition, my balance, opening my chakras, learning my energies, releasing my physical restrictions that also are tied to old traumas, understanding some of my muscular imbalances in movement work, and much more.

Sommer has a lifetime of experience to enhance your existence and teach you how to connect with your inner self as well as ground you to the energies of this earth.

This is an incredible opportunity, seize it! I have learned reiki, intra-oral facial massage and TMJD work (Continuing Ed class), taken qi gong classes, called in the directions and learned some native American traditional practices (I do have heritage in my DNA tests) I’ve been taught through movement some interventions for my chronic pains, and overall have always found ways to improve myself by tapping into Sommer’s teachings and wisdom.

I recommend working with Sommer every week to two weeks for 3 months consistently to experience massive life change.

Star Formation

Sweet Sentiments 

Star Formation
I highly recommend a holistic healing session with Sommer.
She is an exceedingly experienced practitioner with a wide range of skills which she will bring to the massage table.
experienced a shamanic healing work session with Sommer. It was incredibly beautiful, regenerative, and compassionate- I was in tears. Today my body is feeling much lighter and pain-free. My flexibility and openness in my body has increased.
Additionally, Sommer is exceptionally wise, and you will benefit greatly from any teachings she shares with you.
You can be confident knowing she will hold the space for you with the utmost care & respect. I left the session with a good feeling in my heart. During your session, you will work in tandem with Sommer's guidance. You will be healing yourself, which will bring the most long-lasting results.

Krystine Mae Kimes

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