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Starry Sky

Holistic and Spiritual Practices in Sedona 

Transformational Intuitive Bodywork, Energy Medicine, Coaching & Shamanism

This journey into being of servitude through holistic and spiritual practices began back in 1996, when I became a reiki practitioner while living in NYC. This passionate love affair, of understanding both physical and metaphysical anatomy,  reading energy lines,  and facilitating deep profound "whole being"  healing, has grown stronger and stronger over the years.  And, over the years I've been witness to the beauty of incredible healing within my clients. That I cannot claim to be only from my own doing, but from the will of their soul and help of spirit. As time has passed, I've continued showing up, in fascination, continuing to learn and grow, so that I may gain new skills which gives way for  holding a deeper knowing of  the mind, body and soul. It is of utmost importance to be a community ally through holistic and spiritual practices and methods. So that we all may live a life of beauty and bliss. It is with great reverence that I provide loving lite and expertise through body work, energy medicine, shamanism, & coaching, to those who are seeking

in the sacred lands of Sedona.  


In Person Services Offered


Sommer Leigh AKA Starlite Shaman is a beacon of light talking upon this Earth unlike anyone i’ve ever met or come across.

Upon meeting Sommer, working and learning from her has shifted my life in ways I could never have anticipated.

The wisdom she embodies truly echos across all space time dimensions and as a result she is able to facilitate profound healings for others through her presence alone.

After receiving my first "TIBS" session ( Transformational Intuitive Bodywork with Shamanism) with her, I can whole heartedly say my life has shifted. Not only was the healing itself deep and profound, but pain i’m been storing in my body for years has not only been removed but replaced with the essence of power, strength, hope and mobility.

Receiving a session from Sommer is unlike any other, and I am so grateful to have crossed paths with her in this life.

Anyone who has the opportunity to work and learn from her will not be let down. 

~Jasmine Frances~

Starry Sky

Sommer Leigh Plotnick, HHP, LMT carries specialty certifications as a Shamanic Practitioner, Star Magic
Facilitator, Reiki Master, Life Coach, End of Life Doula, Qigong Instructor, and Yoga Teacher.
Sommer also holds a License for Massage Therapy (AZ Lic# 29779) and therefore possesses both the licensing and
credentials to assist in both a holistic manner & with soul matters. This includes, but is not limited to, soul
healing, energy medicine, life/spirit quarries, goal setting, end of life consulting,
home exercise programs, & soft tissue manipulation. The purpose of these modalities are for the
improvement and better state of health for individuals, seeking sessions to increase their overall sense of
Sommer may suggest additional exercises or practices that are conducive to the goals of the sessions.
Any recommendations Sommer shares are not to be done in place of necessary/ prescribed treatment
or medications on behalf of your physician.
Sommer Plotnick, HHP, LMT reserves the right to cancel or change appointment times up to 24 hours
before a scheduled session and so does the client. Giving less than a 24-hour cancelation will result in a
credit to their account for future use.

Star Formation

Schedule A Session 

All sessions require a short phone consultation prior to scheduling services. Please send an email request for a consult.. Payments are made prior to session, and received in deep gratitude. 

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