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                Coming In the summer   of   2024   

                                                    Becoming the Medicine

  A live online course learning how to guide the shamanic journey.

         Send us an email to learn more information.

Starry Sky
Purple Glow
Purple Glow

As an initiate to shamanism, I can say without hesitation that Sommer has had an immeasurable impact on my life. Her insightful mentorship, accepting demeanor, and caring essence have assisted me in navigating the daunting path of rediscovering my identity and purpose in this lifetime.

Through Sommer's teachings, I have received guidance that has allowed me to better understand the world around me and the role that I play within it. Her non-judgmental approach has also allowed me to explore my own beliefs and experiences without fear of being criticized or judged. This has been an incredibly liberating experience, allowing me to grow and develop in ways that I never thought possible.

Perhaps most importantly, Sommer has helped me to develop a deeper relationship with the Spirit worlds. Through shamanic journeying, I have learned to recognize and connect with my guides in a more personal way, allowing me to receive guidance and healing from the spirit realm that has had a profound impact on my life.

Becoming a shamanic practitioner has also led me to impact others in powerful ways, and I am grateful for Sommer's encouragement along the way. By sharing the wisdom and teachings that I have received from Sommer, I have been able to help others feel supported and empowered in their own spiritual journeys. I have seen firsthand the tears of relief, joy, and remembrance that can come from connecting with spirit and spirit guides. It is a truly humbling and gratifying experience to be of service to others. 

Overall, I cannot overstate the impact that Sommer has had on my life. Through her guidance and nurturing being, I have been able to connect with the spirit realm in ways that have transformed me on a deeply personal level. And by sharing what I have learned from Sommer with others, I have been able to help them experience the same transformative power of shamanic practice.




Valeria Newman

I would absolutely recommend this course to anybody I meet that is on a spiritual journey and is interested in shamanic practices.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to help me to become my best!  

Christine Ferguson

I am so glad I listened to my guidance to join Sommer's Shamanic Journeying Course.

I had been curious about shamanic practices for a few years, so when this opportunity came up, I knew I wanted to do it.

Before the course, I knew very little about journeying, but now I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me. 

The course helped me not only feel much more knowledgeable about these practices,

but also, I feel confident to take a journey by myself and guide others on their own shamanic journey. 

It's not only a profound tool I can use on my own spiritual path, but it's one I can share with my coaching clients to help them feel empowered to find the answers within themselves.

Sierra Bobadilla

Sommer is a wise women, great shamanic teacher and wonderful helper. She is helping heal people and earth with her knowledge. She cares deeply for earth and people and it shows. If you feel called to learn or take any classes she offers please do because she is absolutely wonderful.
Sommer is loving and genuine, and a wonderful teacher. My life is forever changed for the better after the shamanic journey course, and especially after connecting with my power animal, a fox named Selene-which wasn't something I even knew I needed, but has blessed me every day since. I'm better as a partner, friend, teacher, and guide than I was before. The compassionate helpers have opened me to new levels of love with my clients, friends and family. It's wonderful to be reminded that love is infinite and can always expand, more and more!
Love and Blessings, 
Hansi Tomlinson
Starry Sky
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