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Starlite Shamanism




The Ancient Wisdom Within  

Guides us into the Heart of Shamanic Realms

 Aligning with Soul Matters

Embracing Internal Divinity



Living in Beauty  Shining like Stars





Starlite Shamanism provides in person & online healings, workshops, courses, and retreats.

Awaken to your soul's purpose and strengthen the relationship with your spirit to live a radiant and dynamic life! 


Desert Cactus Landscape

On a cold winter night in the Sonoran desert a starlite child was born. When her mother first held her in her arms, she could feel this special baby carried a calm, warm and healing energy.

It is a Choctaw tradition to name a baby based on what the mother sees or feels, when first meeting her child. This is how Starlite Shaman came to be known as Sommer Leigh. 



Becoming The Medicine 

An online course in learning to guide the shamanic journey

For more information and a course description, please connect via email.  


Qigong For All People

Come join community and enjoy complimentary qigong the 3rd Sunday of each month at Oak Creek Park in the VOC at 9:00AM. Experience why this ancient practice is gaining popularity in the west, due to its extraordinary benefits.

For more info, please contact

Black Sky

 Reviews and Recommendations

Starry Sky

Sommer Leigh is an extremely gifted healer, facilitator, and teacher. I’ve done both private sessions with her as well as certification courses. She’s the real deal. Her medicine bag is full of skills which she applies masterfully. She’s helped me develop my own skills and helped me foster deep connections with my inner medicine woman, as well as facilitated healing in my body when I’ve needed support.

Rima Bonario, TH, d


Sommer  Leigh is one of the most unique shaman I’ve ever met. Her passion for healing others is truly showing every time I attend her classes and workshops. Her teaching methods are very detailed, she’s very patient with everyone, no matter what part of your life journey you are at.

A few days ago I called her for help. I needed to have my house saged. Even though I know how to, I felt like I needed her beautiful and pure and very powerful energy to help me cleanse. I don’t just trust anyone ..I trust Sommer! She showed up as promised and facilitated an AMAZING sage ceremony. I feel light, I feel safe, I feel energized.

Thank you so much for all you did for me and all you do for others.

Zsuzsanna Reinhard,, Reiki Master & RE Broker


It’s been great meeting with Sommer. I truly appreciate all the work she did on me. When I first came to her I was at my lowest. I felt suicidal, empty and depressed. I had lost 40lbs and had no appetite. I didn’t think I would get out of my funk. Today I feel so hopeful, happy and grounded thanks to Sommer for giving me all the tools I needed to heal myself one day at a time I now feel myself again. I have and will continue to recommend her to anyone I feel would benefit from sessions with her.

Vanessa Amaya~


Star Magic Healing is a powerful energy healing modality that enables a Trained Facilitator to access your holographic blueprint and activate change that will create physical, mental and emotional results quickly

** Sommer Leigh really hit the nail on the head! She saw inflammation, stuckness, self love issues, the need for lightness & laughter, and consistent exercise. She facilitated a healing protocol to guide me into my healthiest version. After my first session I felt lighter and had NO pain! Everything she said resonated on such a deep level. Thank you, for your guidance and kindness!  ~Alexandra Kitos~

Star Formation

 Bold Voyage published an article written by Sommer Leigh of Starlite Shamanism
Self Care Practices as a Ritual 
Click the link to learn about these luscious, loving practices that bring one to feel deeply connected, rejuvenated & blissfully balanced!

Flower in Sunlight

Sharing over 25 years of experience and expertise in shamanic and holistic practices & principles for radiant & dynamic living! 


 In person and online courses & mentorship

"The best part about showing up for others and teaching is that I am also the student"

I am always smiling with the ways my students show up. 

With open eyes and hearts, they are a brite lite as they learn and expand. 

Offering mindful methods and guiding others to pull out their special gifts and facilitate intuitively, fills my cup, time & time again. I always learn something new that amazes 

and broadens my own perspectives.

My passion to continue this path comes from seeing others shine and shining with them!

Starry Sky

A Glimpse of Classes & Workshops

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Sacred Containers 

Ceremonies & Circles 

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Starry Sky
Star Formation

Inviting You To Get Inspired & Expand with Starlite Shamanism

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