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The Path of the Wounded Healer

Sommer Leigh took the path of a wounded healer. Though her childhood has tragic tales, she saw the lite and reached to the stars. She claimed her experiences as valuable lessons. She discovered the wisdom that lived in her wounds. She connected to her soul's purpose, through healing her pain. She stands in the lite and is here to be of servitude and to help others to do the same.


Soul Walk

Sommer Leigh understands that her soul walk is to assist those who reach out for her help, through spirit based practices and principles and with the  medicine of starlite shamanism~

Black Sky

Soul Vision

Sommer Leigh holds the vision to compassionately connect to each person whom she meets along her path, with love and kindness~

                  Sommer Leigh ~ Starlite Shaman

Sommer Leigh is like many of us. She has experienced a lot of pain in her early years. As a result of healing this pain & realizing it was part of her wisdom walk for her soul promise, she is known to have taken the path of the wounded healer.

Starlite shamanism is called on, because she is one who sees with her heart. She is one who knows. Others feel her sweet presence and know holds everyone in compassion and kindness. 

Sommer Leigh saw the unknown and felt the unseen, as a very young child. Through creative passages, she was open and could feel the energy of  nature spirits, animal helpers & angelic beings, as a child. During her school years, she preferred reading books on seeing auras and telepathy, over typical fashion magazines and sports. She knew there was more than what met the human eyes and she wanted to learn what wasn't being taught at schoolShe shared her exquisite dreams, visions and journeys of shape shifting, dancing fairies, talking animals, and singing plants, with her friends. She was so excited to share all the divinatory & empowerment she was receiving from other worlds. What she experienced, through her journeys to these non-ordinary places was not "normal", yet it was her salvation, during her childhood. 

As a child, she thought these primal journeys were a regular part of everyone's life.  Sommer often became confused, when those around her didn't understand what she was talking about. She was surprised when others stated they were not having these experiencesEventually, as she got older, she learned to keep these types of experiences to herself. Her heart remained curious and open. 

As a mid-teen, Sommer Leigh became a ward of the state, as a result of parental absence. She was court appointed to receive counseling, to help her cope with her childhood traumas. Her therapist was very progressive and held a background in shamanism. There are no coincidences, Eventually, she began to help Sommer to cultivate a relationship with loving compassionate spirits, in a more conscious and controlled way. 

Continuing with talk therapy into her mid 20's, Sommer Leigh spoke openly and fondly of her continued interests and experiences with shamanism. In 2001, her therapist gifted her the book 'Shaman Healer Sage' by Alberto Villoldo. Fascinated by the teachings, Sommer Leigh was inspired to utilize the shamanic methods in her practice, as a bodyworker. Being witness to how soul power assisted in physical healing, Sommer Leigh continued along the path of shamanism. 

Sommer Leigh has been taught through many paths, along her walk in life. Though she began learning intuitively, as a child, she has also gained wisdom through connecting to her ancestral lineages, the lands she has walked, and through the relationships she has cultivated, with all life forms. 

Sommer Leigh has a family of spirit helpers, which she has learns from, gains empowerment and heals through. She testifies to their power, from years of witnessing radical results. She knows.

When matters of the soul show up, Sommer can deeply relate, as a result of her own walk. She sees. She understands. With loving kindness and compassion, she responds.

The empowerment one receives through shamanism, transforms the heart and heals the soul. Starlite Shaman has mastered being the hollow bone, so all knowing compassionate beings, and one's soul counsel, can work through her. 

Sommer Leigh has been initiated into shamanism. Receiving passage rites and rituals, in both cultural and core shamanic teachings, as she has studied under shamans, as she has traveled across the US and Central America. These blessings are part of the medicine that she carries.

Sommer Leigh also seeks out shamanic teachings.  In 2018 she was guided her to Michael Harner's organization, The Foundation of Shamanic Studies. Sommer Leigh is a certified core shamanic practitioner and a  Harner Shamanic Counselor, through FSS. 

Sommer Leigh walks in the lite of her soul work, as a Starlite Shamanka. With a radiant smile, she proclaims the power utilized in healings is not hers alone, but is sourced through her spirit helpers and the soul counsel of the individual she is assisting. Her heart and soul are indeed an open channel, and she tunes into the wisdom that is within, and all around us.

             A bit more about the walk of the Starlite Shaman known as Sommer Leigh

 In 1996 while living in NYC, Sommer Leigh received her 1st degree reiki certification. This was the turning point along her path, which led her deeper into the fire of healing and transformation. As a result of the profound growth she had, she realized it was her passion & soul purpose, to dedicate her life to helping others. She does so through the powers of shamanism, energy medicine, holistic practices and spiritual guidance. Sommer leigh shines brite, as a servant to others, in this way!

By 1997, Sommer Leigh went from studying at Lee Strasberg Theater and Film Institute in New York, to studying Eastern bodywork and massage therapy. She has completed over 1200 hours of massage therapy education. Additionally, Sommer has held licensing to facilitate community members from Oregon to Washington, and from Nevada to Arizona. She has been actively licensed from 2000 to present day.

Sommer Leigh began sharing her expertise, as a massage therapy instructor & holistic educator in 2009, while living in Las Vegas, Nevada. Through the years, as she has continued to grow through her own education, she has expanded how she shows up, in community as a teacher, mentor, and facilitator.

Sommer Leigh is acknowledged as an expert in holistic/alternative education. She has developed curriculum for massage therapy schools, spas, and CE providers around the nation. As a content creator and curriculum developer, she specializes in both structural therapies and energy medicine modalities.

Over the last several years Sommer has reached out of a traditional classroom to offer holistic classes and workshops, to both community members and licensed healthcare professionals alike. Sommer is passionate about education and has courses which are approved, as continued education, through Yoga Alliance and the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Her academic DBA is known as Breath and Bodywork Guru,

Additionally, Sommer leigh was appointed to the NSBMT in 2019 by the Nevada State governor, to assist in regulation of licensed massage therapists and to protect the public, as well as the massage therapy profession.

Sommer Leigh is fascinated by the power and beauty of spiritual and holistic modalities, and therefor will forever be a student. She continues to expand, through teachings and certifications, which help her grow. She holds ethical & sacred space, with integrity, education, and loving lite. Aside from certification,  she utilizes the discipline of meditation, to assist her. She is highly skilled and certified in intuitive bodywork modalities, qigong, yoga, breathwork, shamanism, spirit-based life coaching & end of life support, as a doula. Sommer Leigh has also brought her passion for being of servitude to others in need over the years via cancer centers, drug rehabilitation programs, hospice, and, business spaces.


Please read her testimonials (sprinkled through the site pages) that showcase how she provides excellent standards in teaching, and transformational intuitive facilitation, in both group and 1:1 sessions.  Through Sommers compassion centered offerings, people shine brightly. Starlite Shaman shines in witness of their beauty


Starlite Shaman has but one request, this is to pass along a special part of what one learns, so together magic and beauty is created, expanding the consciousness of all beings. Mending the hoop of humanity ~ shining like stars, as part of the universe. 

                         From her soul to yours… May you shine in starlite with the wisdom you gain   ~

Melissa Vidya Smith

" I have taken so many classes from Sommer."


Because her educated intuition and inner wisdom shines through each class uplifting me in the most magical of ways

Sommer’s guidance has helped me grow my confidence and expand my gifts which has resulted in me holding offerings/circles to be of service as well

To experience a class with Sommer is to awaken your divinity. Enjoy, you can’t just take one!

Debi Marie

"My soul was calling for something...I wasn't sure exactly what it needed."

 We talked and Sommer knew I needed a soul retrieval. I hid and tucked away and cried so many tears wanting to find the answers, wanting to do the work... I had my Soul Retrieval with Sommer on Friday. It definitely was the complete journey from brokenness and pain to sweetly listening to my guides and spirit animal and connecting exactly how I needed. Just leaving I felt more whole and confident and protected and surrounded by Love. Thank you Sommer you are a blessing. I feel light, and My son told me I shine and could see and feel the difference and tells me daily."

QuaShad Lane

"Sommer is an amazing and very knowledgeable educator. "


I've taken many classes of Reiki, shamanism and other workshops of Sommers. I try to to make it to as many of Sommers classes and workshops as possible. I definitely recommend her to all of my friends and family. a beautiful being of light assisting in awakening and reawakening people to their full potential. I love you Sommer. You have imprinted my heart.

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