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Shamanic Healing Session

Shamanism empowers the soul Through the soul all else is healed

  • 1 h 30 min
  • 222 US dollars
  • Village of Oak Creek

Service Description

A shamanic healing is a combination of shamanic practices that provide immense empowerment to the client. Through this empowerment, one experiences healing, wisdom, confidence, courage and deep self-love, which become the core parts of the individual. The client also learns tools for self healing. The process is a joined commitment of facilitator and client. The client must be willing to show up and participate in their healing work. We first call-in spirit helpers and create a sacred container. We scan and extract what no longer is needed (intrusions, entities). We purge all areas of imbalance that is detected and known, by the receiver. Specialty spirits I work with find lost soul parts and we return these essences of the soul that are ready for reunion. Other shamanic processes occur to bring balance & vitality to mind, body and soul. Finally, we empower you, through connecting with a helping spirit or power animal and passing power unto you. This process results in radical transformation of the soul, which also heals, helps and bring balance to the mental, emotional and physical bodies. People receive this type of shamanic healing for a wide variety of ailments. From physical pain to depression - dis-ease to anxiety, addictions and beyond. This shamanic healing helps to resolve karmic debts, and removes blockages, which releases contracts with others that no longer serves us. Shamanic healings are known to activate and excels one's own spiritual process, as a result of receiving this extraordinary medicine of the soul. One just needs to open their hearts and welcome the return of becoming whole again, to become full and whole, once again. This is a potent form of shamanism that is noninvasive and completely uplifting. I have so much energy and ambition now" The number one client responses are "I feel so much lighter." "I feel like a better version of myself." "I have energy and ambition now, like never before." Please schedule a consult before booking this session.

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations require a minimum 24 hour notice. I understand there are emergencies. Should a last minute cancelation happen a credit is issued to your account for future use. There are no refunds.

Contact Details

  • Village of Oak Creek, AZ, USA

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