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Tue, Sep 19


Shamanic Journey 8 Week Online Course

8 Week online Instruction -Becoming the Medicine through the Shamanic Journey

Learn how to create a sacred space and guide the shamanic journey, through this 8 week online intensive training course. Receive training in shamanic practices and principals that create a beautiful dance in life.

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8 Week online Instruction -Becoming the Medicine through the Shamanic Journey
8 Week online Instruction -Becoming the Medicine through the Shamanic Journey

Time & Location

Sep 19, 2023, 5:00 PM – Nov 07, 2023, 8:00 PM

Shamanic Journey 8 Week Online Course


About the event

Are you feeling the call to be able to offer a deep passage for others, so they can access the compassionate realms and beings they know to be true, but are unsure of how to connect with?

There are a few terms for conscious traveling. Some refer to it as the shamanic journey. Others call it a soul voyage or spirit quest. Some state it simply as a guided meditation, to the subconscious parts of the mind. A way to access the wisdom of heart and soul. As an energy medicine practitioner, with a specialty study in shamanism, I call it the shamanic journey. I teach the traditional methods of shamanic journeying as well as techniques for guided meditation in this course.

Would you like to learn how to take a shamanic journey to other worlds, other dimensions, and nonphysical realms? To support your own awakenings, as well as others?

Do you feel like it is important for you to become familiar with the places that hold such incredible energy and limitless opportunities?

Does the idea of being that bridge for those who are in need of meeting power animals, spirit helpers, and other divine compassionate beings lite you up?

In what ways do you see becoming a guide for others, actually creating more wisdom and divinity in your own life?

This 8-week online course gives the tools, the guidance, mentorship, interaction, and experiences, which support and provide a smooth sail into the voyage of becoming a guide for others, in the shamanic journey.

There are no prerequisites required to take this course! Beginners are welcome. In fact, even if you have never taken a journey yourself, but feel this calling in your heart, you can sign up and learn how to offer shamanic journeys. 

One does not need to be a shaman, a healer, a hypnotherapist, coach, ceremonialist or circle facilitator, to learn the techniques required to offer the shamanic journey. Though, many of these types of practitioners do provide this offering, which helps to aid in their intentions to be of service in their communities. This can be where you begin. This course offers a strong foundation AND provides a stellar platform, for being a leader in your community! Stepping into this sanctuary provides you with a path to deepening soul relationships, and creating spiritual awakenings. The shamanic journey provides meaningful experiences for strengthening the connection between mind and spirit. Traveling in this way gives a greater awareness and stronger connection to the lite that shines within each of us. We see more clearly, the lite that is all around!

                                                      ~It should be noted that taking this course does not make you a shaman~

                                                                                                                ASK ME WHY

The experiences and relationships one develops with their helpers and guides provides spiritual expansion and wisdom, as well as assists in becoming more kind, loving and compassionate. Through this process, of meeting and spending time with other-worldly compassionate beings, and taking action with the wisdom we gain we become one who knows, aka, the Shaman.

This online course is an excellent opportunity for all facilitators of all modalities. This includes reiki practitioners, life coaches, and meditation guides. This course provides additional tools to incorporate into sessions, as well as being offered as a stand-alone session. A shamanic journey assists clients in healing, wisdom, high self-alignments, activations, blessings and more. It empowers people to feel confident going within, to discover their answers along the walk of life! Shamanic journeys provide lasting nourishment and offers enriching inner coun-soul.

The shamanic journey is often done in group sessions. This brings community together under the umbrella of soul unity, within a spiritual container. The inner spirit-fire sparks and illuminates the net of connection, beyond the realms we typically see in our day-to-day world.  These potent experiences provide those moments in life that let us know there is so much more in our universe and beyond!

As a shamanic practitioner and guide, I have noticed that in a group setting, the chords of relation that tie everyone together create similar visions and experiences during the journey. You may have noticed this too, while sharing in circles. Hearing the stories that are shared, which details those similar experiences, are absolutely incredible!!! It bonds the circle consciously and supports radical heart centered connections. Even beyond the circle, as we realize we are connected to everyone, everywhere and to everything! A group shamanic journey lites this up for us to see. Our guides help us to walk in this, day to day.

When we meet and develop a relationship with our spirit guides and helpers, we feel safe and protected. We feel guided and connected to divine realms. We understand we truly have a spiritual coun-soul to help us - That walks with us through life. In both the easy and hard times.

Being able to provide this type of connection for others are some of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I would like to share this with you, so you too, can be included in helping our society, your community, in this sensational spirit-based way!

In what ways do you feel doing this type of work may help you?

The Shamanic Medicine Sanctuary Offers:

Weekly interaction, practices & integration exercises in shamanism and the shamanic journey - The more we, as the guide, strengthen our mind-spirit connection through the shamanic journey to the upper and lower worlds, the more power we gain. The more wisdom we have. Once we've learned how to communicate and build lasting relations (our helpers have imprinted on us)  with our own spirit helpers, we can sit in confidence, as the guide. This is how we become excellent space holders for others. Prepare to take many journeys and have in depth discussions, during this course.

Shamanic Journey Lesson Plan Description:

*How to create a conscious container and sacred spaces for shamanic journeys.

*Methods for cleansing, blessing, and protecting people and spaces- before, during, and after journeys.

*Introduction to the upper, middle, and lower worlds.

*The various types of beings that reside in each world.

*Protocols for how to prepare and set up (individual and group) a shamanic journey.

*Drum and rattle techniques to alter states of consciousness.

*Vocal methods (step down process) to guide a shamanic journey (this is a great option when a drum or rattle is not accessible)

*How to effectively journey to the other worlds and get back safely.

*How to locate spirit helpers, power animals, and compassionate beings, in the otherworlds.

* Learning to journey for others and pass power ~ This is a powerful divination tool. 

* Shamanic healing practices and rituals for grounding, renewal, empowerment and self healing.

*Practices for developing deeper relationships with our spirit helpers, power animals, and guides.

*Key questions and methods for guided journeys...A great option for children and/or those who have difficulty with meeting a helper, through traditional methods.

*Tools for integration of the medicine received in the shamanic journey.

* Technicals ~ with space set up, licensing requirements, informed consent, ethics, and more!


Weekly group discussions, insights, and shares, to help explore the aspects of the journey, from person to person, via private FB group.

Please note: This course offers no specific religious or spiritual teachings. This shamanic medicine sanctuary offers a beautiful outline combining various philosophies, including Celtic, Andean, and Core shamanic views. Note that this medicine sanctuary is held in the arms of the facilitators (Sommer Leigh) spirit helpers. That said, in addition to a set curriculum, those in the sanctuary are provided with "in flow" shamanic tools, to become an epic shamanic journey guide!

The most impressive beauty marks one receives taking this course are the self-discovery, self-healing, strengthening, and relation building tools received. Such exquisite experiences await, with your own spirit guides and helpers. Even if one decides not to offer this to community or one-to-one, this course enables radical connections and experiences that provide a memorable soul walk on earth.

Please come with the awareness and self-commitment to bring your best self forward. Be fully present. Attend every class.

What's Needed To Attend: 

1. Quiet space where you will have complete privacy. 

2. A computer (preferred) or mobile device & ability to connect to wifi and zoom.

3. Notebook for weekly lessons.

4. Reflection & integration  journal for shamanic journeys. 

5. Drum or rattle. (We can assist with making a homemade rattle if you do not have either a rattle or drum)

6. Eye mask/Scarf (optional) for the shamanic journey. 

7.  FB account for private fb group access.

We meet every Tuesday from 5:00PM to 7:30PM MST. 

 ***The first and last course are 3 hours in length. 

The medicine sanctuary (aka course) runs weekly on Tuesday from 9/19/2023 to 11/07/2023.

*** Due to Samhain on 10/31/23 the sanctaury is offered the day before, on 10/30/23.

 Class size is limited to just 12 students, for deep personalized interactions, within a sacred container. 

There are no pre recordings. These are live courses, presented via zoom. 

All classes are recorded and can be accessed for student review ~ A  great resource, if a class is missed.

  The lesson plan is built in a way that provides a platform for continued development.  The ability to attend every class is highly suggested and advised. Homework/extra tools are given in addition to weekly lesson, to gain the knowledge necessary, should the student desire to become a strong  and proficient shamanic journey guide.

 In order for the shamanic tools to be polished one must do the work for them to  shine!

To learn more about the facilitator and her background in shamanism, please visit the about me section found on  this site.

For more questions, please email starliteshaman@gmailcom

Payment plans, and pay as you go options are available, as well as a low cost pay in full pay plan.

***For those paying weekly, payment is required even if class is not attended.

The joy in my heart comes from watching others shine! Thank you for being here! 


  • 3 hours

    1st Shamanic Medicine Sanctuary


  • 2 hours 30 minutes

    2nd Shamanic Medicine Sanctuary

6 more items available


  • Full Heart Payment

    Pay in full and receive a discount.

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  • Pay as you Go

    Commit Fully and Pay Weekly - This option is for those who cannot pay the full cost upfront yet are called to carry the medicine of the shamanic journey. Please note that weekly payment is required, regardless of attendance.

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  • Peaceful Payment Plan

    Must have a consult with Starlite Shaman prior to payment plan.

    From $60.00 to $120.00
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    • $120.00
    • $60.00
    • Journey Donation

      Pay what you want
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